by Margaret Swaine Most wine books avoid the subject of wine with chocolate. One guide on harmonizing wine with food, states under the category chocolate mousse – match with water. Yet it’s so wonderfully soothing to end a day with a little libation and a melt in the mouth bonbon. Hotels know this. They place […]

By Margaret Swaine Look at a display of balsamic vinegars in a fancy grocery store and you’re bound to be confused. Exactly why are some priced at under ten dollars while others sell at over two hundred? The main reason is that there are two types of balsamics – the commercial versions and the traditional. […]

By Margaret Swaine Not only does dark chocolate have health benefits, the better it is the less chance of overindulgence. You heard that right. “The more pleasure at the first bite, the less you are going to eat,” said Dr. Jordan LeBel, an expert on the physiological effects of chocolate. Dr. LeBel whose current job […]

By Margaret Swaine Off the coast of Newfoundland some not so crazy Canucks are harvesting icebergs for the production of vodka, pure drinking water and now gin. Why would anyone want a chip off the block of these million to 500 million ton frozen floating mountains? It’s dangerous work. People have gotten killed by bergs […]

By Margaret Swaine Best Wine Bar Crush 455 King St. W, Toronto ON 416-977-1234 Every month a different wine region is featured at this hip open-kitchen French style bistro located in the strip of trendy renovated warehouses that now grace King West. Over 20 still wines, ten dessert and seven sparklers by 3 or […]